Affordable Accounting Services in Singapore


In Singapore, businesses are required to maintain proper books of accounts as stipulated in accordance with the Singapore Companies Act and the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards(SFRS).

At Gauge Accounting Services, we have a team of dedicated and experienced accountants to provide you with the best accounting services possible. Let our team provide the expert advice that business requires so that you can focus and take the appropriate measures to achieve higher profitability and business growth.

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Our costing structure is highly competitive and transparent. All quotes are standardised and many of our clients have enjoyed premium accounting services at very affordable rates.

Brief Overview of the Accounting Services we offer

♦ Professional Accounting Services

♦ Bank Reconciliation and Accounts Reconciliation

♦ Financial Statements Preparation

♦ Directors Report/Compilation Reporting Preparation

♦ Payroll Services

♦ ACRA & IRAS Compilation

♦ Submission of Financial Report with ACRA

♦ XBRL Filing

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