Quickbooks, MYOB, Xero Accounting and Xero Bookkeeping Software for SMEs in Singapore

Gauge has been helping businesses in Singapore achieve success through its extensive knowledge in accounting software solutions, which include our premium Xero software, Quickbooks cloud system and MYOB suite of services, to fulfil bookkeeping and other reporting requirements. We are a leading provider of accounting software in Singapore, having assisted scores of startups and SMEs in their financial management.

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QuickBooks Online Accounting

Quickbooks Online is designed to help companies manage inventory, payroll, sales and other requirements of small businesses. The software operates on the "cloud", enabling assess anywhere via the Internet.

Benefits of Quickbooks Online

1.  Lowest monthly subscription, ideal for startups/freelance entrepreneurs
2. Backup contained in internal self-storage
3. Flexible with modular add-ons (inventory, payroll)
4. IRAS Compliant Software

MYOB Destop Accounting Suite

MYOB is a desktop-based accounting solution that does not require an Internet connection to access. It is a one-time payment software solution for small businesses and DIY-based accounting teams. The interface is mainly focused on a specific sole user assess.

Benefits of MYOB Desktop Accounting

1. No yearly subscription fees, mainly for Solopreneurs/DIY-based teams
2. Backup contained in internal self-storage
3. Many templated reports and charts
4. IRAS Compliant Software


Xero Acounting Software

Xero was built specifically to work on the cloud and is perfect for mobile devices. An ideal accounting solution for clients wanting to monitor real-time cash flow and keeping track of transactions on the move, Xero’s effective bookkeeping services is perfect for businesses in Singapore looking to streamline the way they manage their business.

With 500 apps to choose from, Xero offers a comprehensive range of Enterprise Resource Planning accounting solutions for businesses in Singapore.

Benefits of Xero Accounting Software

1. Value for money, great for business with high growth
2. No requirement for backup due to cloud-based storage
3. One of the largest modular add-on platforms
4. IRAS Compliant


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  √ Better sleep at night = Certified/Pro-Advisors

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