ACRA and IRAS Filing Requirements

In Singapore, the company owner/director is required to fulfil certain regulatory requirements. We ensure that companies fulfil their tax requirements through our services in Singapore.

  • Corporate Secretary appointment and requirement for statutory filing requirements with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • Directors Report/Financial Statements preparations of yearly required by ACRA.
  • Tax Filing Yearly
    • Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
    • Filing Form C or C/S
  • GST Filing (for Companies with 1million revenue and above).
  • Record Keeping for 5 Years mandated by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
  • Financial Audited Statements (if Revenue is above 10million per year)

Daily Business Operations and Survivability

We manage the daily accounting and bookkeeping processes and help companies in Singapore stay afloat through our tailor-made services.

We can help to:

  • Manage salary and expenses in terms of what to pay and when (timeliness).
  • Design and create invoicing cycles to better manage your inflow of cash.
  • Proper record bookkeeping and documentation process.
  • Identify which creditors are owing as well as the bills that are due.
  • Analysing the actual financial performance of the company and whether your business efforts are well-focused towards your financial goals.

Achieving Business Consistency and Growth

The biggest danger when running a business - besides outright failure - is to be successful without being resolutely clear about why the business is successful in the first place.

At Gauge, we can help you to:

  • Identify key performing areas to analyse what works and makes your business successful.
  • Identify areas of low margins and high profitability segments.
  • Remain consistent in the areas of success and instil cost structures to better manage finances spent.
  • Instil budgets and forecast to align with the progress and growth of the company.
  • Determine the funds required to further grow the business (i.e. cost of funds and treasury management).

Acquisition and Sale (Exit)

We help fuel further growth and expansionary plans with private and public funds.

At Gauge, we are able to assist in:

  • Instilling best practices and preparing the business for its next phase.
  • Priming the business for the correct valuation (current and future) i.e. type of valuation models
  • Identify potential deals that can synergize, create higher efficiency and drive up the bottom line
  • Determine the correct pricing and value for existing divisions
  • Identify the right team to drive the next phase of development. (i.e. board and management evaluation and selection).

Affordable Accounting and Tax Services in Singapore: Reliable Bookkeeping and Tax Experts

In Singapore, businesses are required to maintain proper bookkeeping of accounts according to the Singapore Companies Act and the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS). We have a team of dedicated and experienced accountants to provide you with the best accounting services in Singapore to meet your bookkeeping and tax fulfilment needs. Let our team provide the expert advice that your business requires so that you can focus and take the appropriate measures to achieve higher profitability and business growth.

What our Customers Say

Gauge has constantly provided valuable insights and solutions on handling our accounting and taxation matters. I would highly recommend their services.

Benjamin Loo
Director, CarTimes

Through my dealing with Gauge, Stephan and his team have consistently provided high levels of proficiency and knowledge in the area of accounting and taxation.

Ryan Ng
Director, Fayth

Gauge is the place to go for taxation and accounting services, Stephan and his team have been offering quality services and valuable advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Gauge.

Ernest Sim,
Co-Founder,  Grain

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