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We are a leading provider of sustainability reporting in Singapore. We assist Singapore Exchange (SGX) listed companies in adhering to SGX sustainability reporting requirements.

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Why It Matters

Since 2016, SGX has rolled out a list of sustainability reporting requirements that listed companies in Singapore must adhere to (SGX Listing Rule 711A). This has been a push towards responsible and inclusive accountability for businesses to create a resilient and sustainable community.

Sustainability Reporting

How and Where to Start

The report consists of four main components:

  • Board Statement
  • Defining Material Economic, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Factors
  • Company Policies, Performance and Material Issues
  • Application of a suitable framework for disclosure
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Board Responsibility

The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic direction of a company, and this includes the holistic combination of environmental, social and governance integration in the company’s strategy. Having a sustainability disclosure deepens stakeholders’ understanding of corporate performance.

SGX Sustainability Reporting

Enhance Business Value

Sustainability reporting creates a higher demand for Eco and Green investments among institutional investors and the public. Enhanced policies and better sustainability practices also create higher stakeholder buy-in and greater brand equity. Transparency is the currency of trust and the purpose of a sustainability report is to further build that trust.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sustainability Reporting Process in Singapore

Sustainability reporting allows investors to better understand the economic, environmental and social impact of the organisation’s daily operations and its commitment to building a sustainable global economy. We provide guidance on whether your company's reputation can be enhanced by reporting on its sustainability efforts. We will walk you through the entire process and this will include sharing specific metrics and relevant frameworks required to complete your report.
Our sustainability reporting process is highly streamlined, and you need not worry about the aspect of writing the report. We have experts with decades of experience in journalism and domain expertise in the area of sustainability reporting. Our job here is to simplify the process and make it easy for you to produce the report.
At the onstart, we will have a walk through meeting to understand the nature and operations of the business. We will run through the existing policies and practices the company has and identify the areas that would contribute and align according to the frameworks required by SGX. This will be an ongoing process to refine and place targets to aid the company in moving forward towards being a more sustainable provider according to the company available capacity and resources.

If you require more information or clarification about sustainability reporting in Singapore, please reach out to us.

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